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Kraken Opus to publish ultimate celebration of Formula One 06 Jul 2007

The Formula 1 Opus. All Photographs © Kraken Opus The Formula 1 Opus. All Photographs © Kraken Opus The Formula 1 Opus. All Photographs © Kraken Opus Ron Dennis. The Formula 1 Opus. All Photographs © Kraken Opus The Formula 1 Opus. All Photographs © Kraken Opus

Publisher Kraken Opus has teamed up with some of the biggest names of writers and photographers in motor racing to produce the epic official Formula 1 Opus - a half metre square, 37 kilogram tome celebrating the history of the world’s most glamorous and exhilarating sport.

The Opus, which took two years to put together, will contain over 200,000 words contributed by a selection of the world’s finest writers and 2,000 of the most iconic, spectacular and rare photographs, painstakingly researched from over two million images. The F1 Opus will be presented in a hand-made presentation clamshell box which will be made out of finest silk or carbonfibre - the same as used in the F1 cars.

To be released in autumn this year, the Formula 1 Opus is a celebration of Formula One motor racing. It is the definitive story that will take the reader on a journey from the era of swashbuckling heroes who took to the streets of Paris in their quest for speed, to the high tech, competitive world of modern Formula One racing.

The 850 pages will feature never-before-seen images commissioned specifically and exclusively for the Opus. The Gallery section will include a Polaroid photo shoot using the largest functioning Polaroid camera in the world, which has captured the living world champions as well as the key personalities of F1. Groundbreaking content will include some of the most prolific names, insightful commentary and detail on every world champion and every racing team. An incredible eight-page gatefold, which has been photographed by Darren Heath, will fold out to 4m gives you just a small taste of what great content will be included in this piece of art. It comes with a suitably aspirational F1 price tag of UK £3,000.

Not only is the F1 Opus a must-have for every serious F1 fan, it is also a collectors item which will have an asset value in the near future. There will be only a limited number of only 100 Champions Editions, which will include a signature page hand signed by every living world champion driver. This edition will be protected in a carbonfibre clamshell case and will be offered for UK £20,000.

The Formula 1 Opus is one in a series of gigantic luxurious tomes that Kraken Opus is producing over the next few years. Already available are the breathtaking Manchester United Opus and Super Bowl Opus, and further subjects in the Kraken Opus collection will include global football icon Diego Maradona, Major League Baseball, Wimbledon, Arsenal Football Club and the first non-sport related Opus, the Disney Opus.

Bernie Ecclestone said: “This is it - the definitive guide to the excitement, competition and glamour of the greatest sport in the world - Formula One. The research and detail in the F1 Opus has never been seen before, the imagery is beautiful and as a document it is unparalleled. It is a must have for anyone who lives Formula One.”

Karl Fowler, founder of Kraken Sport & Media said: “…to produce an Opus on one of the most iconic and indeed global of sports such as F1 racing has been for everyone involved an honour and a privilege, a thrill, and one hell of an journey. To be given the green light to tell a story that has such deep heritage, passionate following, diversity of characters and sheer excitement was a challenge. I would like to think that the result in this wonderful F1 Opus tells this amazing story in an unprecedented way, and a way that will never be repeated. That in itself makes this Opus both unique and timeless.”

Further information can be found at www.f1opus.com.