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McLaren MP4-22 - new front wing 09 May 2007

Tested extensively in Barcelona last week, this is a development of the concept first introduced by Renault two years ago and evolved by many teams since. Previously, two additional, upper profiles were attached to the wing's endplate at one end and the car's nose at the other. The McLaren design features instead a single profile, going directly from one endplate to the other, passing over the top of the nose, with a significant gap (yellow arrow) inbetween. The MP4-22's particularly low nose eases the application of this solution. The extra width means more downforce, while the gap between the upper and main profiles helps keep added drag to a minimum (blue arrow). The result is improved front-end sharpness to the car's handling in both fast and slow corners, so a debut at the Spanish Grand Prix is quite possible. At the following round in Monaco, where front-end sharpness is paramount, it could provide even greater gains.