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Ferrari F2008 - cooling vent for rear dampers 07 April 2008

In Malaysia we looked at Renault's semi-circular vent over the R28's damper housing. In Bahrain the Ferrari sported a similar, perhaps slightly more complex, feature. At the end of the F2008's very short and narrow engine cover we can see three separate vents (green arrows). The central one relates to a small gearbox radiator, placed above the gearbox case, between the two suspension rockers. The rockers are covered by a tight, thin, carbon fibre skin that wraps them in a way so as to help reduce as much as possible the dimensions of the rear bodywork. The two rounded side vents help extract the hot air that would otherwise increase the danger of overheating the suspension elements, especially the dampers and rockers. These carefully designed vents show just how vital attention to detail is in ensuring reliability.