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Ferrari F14 T - oil tank repositioning, part one 27 July 2014

It may not be the winning car that Fernando Alonso expected - though it did come close in Hungary - but in the F14 T (upper drawing) Ferrari have produced by far their most radical car of recent years. The core aim of the project was to have an extremely efficient aero package, so all the internal components were studied with this goal in mind, in order to make the rear of the car as narrow as possible and to have a very efficient diffuser. A deep step in the chassis (1) at the front improves airflow under the car (2). The car's wheelbase (4) is around 15cm longer than its 2013 predecessor (lower drawing), with the engine moved slightly forward, allowing for a longer gearbox, which notably has the oil tank housed inside its casing (3) rather than between the engine and chassis (as has been the trend for the last 16 years ever since it was reintroduced to F1 racing by the likes of the Arrows and Stewart teams in 1998). On the power unit side, the team chose a very compact packaging design for the turbo-compressor-MGU-H layout, similar to Renault's (which, as has been well publicised, turned out to be less efficient than Mercedes 'split' solution), and placed the intercooler inside the V of the engine to save space. The exhausts are also shaped to help make the lower rear 'cola bottle' section of the car narrower and more aerodynamic.