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      Understanding Tyres


      The softest of the three available dry compounds, the P Zero Red Soft tyres are also the mandatory Q3 compound – competitors reaching qualifying’s final shootout receive one set of this compound for use in Q3 only for their final attempts to take pole position. Whilst this will be the tyre of choice to achieve maximum out-and-out pace during a weekend, endurance is limited and timing a pit stop to change to one of the other compounds at the optimum point will be key to overall race performance.


      Each weekend, the P Zero Yellow Medium tyres will aim to strike the balance between performance and durability. Competitors who can make this tyre work well could end up with an advantage over their rivals by giving themselves greater strategic options through qualifying and the race.


      The P Zero White Hard tyres are the hardest of the available compounds, and are therefore likely to be the slowest for outright single-lap pace, but the most durable for long runs.


      The Cinturato Green Intermediate tyres are the most versatile of the rain tyres, dispersing approximately 30 litres of water per second per tyre at 300 kph. They can be used on a wet as well as a drying track.


      The Cinturato Blue Wet tyres can disperse up to 85 litres of water per second per tyre at 300 kph, making them the most effective solution for heavy rain.

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