Formula 1 Anti-Bribery Principles


The Formula 1 companies are committed to doing business in an ethical manner. The Anti-Bribery Principles reflect the behaviours and principles required to support this commitment, and we require that all third parties with whom we do business agree to act in accordance with those principles at all times.

The Anti-Bribery Principles

The Formula 1 companies’ Anti-Bribery Principles are as follows:

(a) The giving or receiving of bribes is prohibited.

(b) Making or offering any improper payment to an official to induce the execution of a routine official function (a Facilitation Payment) is prohibited.

(c) Appropriate limits are placed on the value of corporate hospitality and gifts that can be given or received.

(d) Particular care should be taken in any dealings with any public official, which includes:

(i) any officer, director, employee, or other person, whether elected or appointed, in any branch of national, local or municipal government, or any department, agency, or instrumentality thereof, including any state controlled or state-owned business, enterprise, corporation, organisation, or other entity;

(ii) any political party, political party official, or any candidate for public office;

(iii) any official or agent of a public international organisation, and

(iv) any person acting in an official capacity for or on behalf of any of the foregoing or who exercises a public function for any of the foregoing.

All such dealings must be appropriate and legal.

(e) Charitable donations and political contributions must never be used as a means of disguising bribery.

(f) Any real or perceived conflict of interest between private interests and the performance of duties to the Formula 1 companies must be promptly disclosed.

(g) Fraud, theft or making false or misleading statements of any sort are unacceptable.

(h) Speaking up about any concerns is encouraged.