1 - Choose your purchase

    2 - Pay at the cash register zone

    3 - Redeem your tickets at the corresponding delivery point

    What do you want to eat?

    Panda Express

    Sushi itto

    Los Jochos


    *Food vending in stands

    What do you want to drink?

    Coca Cola

    Heineken / Beer Garden

    Barras Diageo


    Payment Boxes: 8:00 - 18:00

    Food: 7:00 - 18:00

    Drinks: 8:00 - 18:00 (beer starter for 9:00 hrs)

    Payment process

    Three payments formats will be implemented in order to facilitate and streamline the process for attendees:

    1. Multicajas. Applicable in the Green, Orange, Blue and Yellow areas, in this format the customer must first pay his consumption in boxes modules where he will receive a ticket for each product that he will later exchange in the food and drinks stalls, which can be exchanged during the three days of the event.

    2. Shopping Center. Applicable format in the Foro Sol Norte and Foro Sol Sur areas, you must pay for the consumption directly in the food and beverages stalls, where the products will also be delivered. The offer for these sites includes food, potatoes, water, soft drinks and beers.

    3. Vending Available in all areas, sellers enter directly to the stands to offer and sell potatoes, water, soft drinks and beers.

    Additionally, under this format which is not suspended at any time – in the Gray and Coffee areas food may be purchased. The only accepted form of payment will be cash.

    It is important to note that: All boxes accept any form of payment (all credit cards, debit cards and cash).

    Additionally, it is recommended to take the following measures in order to streamline the purchase process and improve the experience: of food and beverage tickets for consumption throughout the event from the first day.

    Take advantage of vending and the availability of ATMs to make cash payments.