With the Istanbul Park track surface having been re-laid within the last fortnight, grip was already extremely low – and then rain hit during the final practice session for the Turkish Grand Prix to make the circuit even more treacherous for the drivers.

    Even with full wet tyres the cars were slipping and spinning all over the track as they drivers tried in vain to hone their set-ups ahead of Saturday afternoon's qualifying session.

    The rain got steadily heavier throughout the FP3 session, but even at the start the warning signs were there that grip was at a premium – especially when Charles Leclerc hit Esteban Ocon and tipped the Renault driver into a spin, as you can see in the clip above.

    FP3: Verstappen quickest in final practice as rain makes meaningful running impossible

    Ocon was arriving at Turn 12 with a McLaren on the outside, but when he turned in to take the corner, his left rear was tapped by Leclerc who was coming down the inside and was unable to avoid the Renault ahead of him, which spun as a result.

    There was no apparent damage to either car and both were able to carry on, though any meaningful running was soon impossible for any of the drivers with the track getting wetter and wetter.