F1 EXPLAINS: What F1 drivers eat – with Oscar Piastri's nutritionist

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As high-performance athletes, F1 drivers have to eat the right things at the right times.

On this week's F1 Explains the gang delve into just how important nutrition is to help the stars of F1 perform at their peak.

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Everything drivers eat and drink, plus the timing of their meals, is carefully planned by expert nutritionists like Dr Dan Martin, from Combine Performance, who joins the podcast to help break down the subject. He also works with McLaren's Oscar Piastri.

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Hosts Christian Hewgill and Katie Osborne find out what an F1 driver's diet is like, and how it helps them perform at their best.

We also get the story behind the banana smoothie which interrupted a previous F1 Explains interview with Piastri...

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