ICYMI: Hollywood trends, ice baths and shattered dreams - it's the best social media from Hungary

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - JULY 23: Terry Crews poses for a photo with the car of Max Verstappen of the

Hungary delivered on the action front, with wet weather, crashes, tyre conundrums and more. Max Verstappen emerged victorious yet again, but in amongst Red Bull's record-breaking antics were plenty of off-track shenanigans. Here's some of the best social media you might have missed from the Hungaroring...

The return of Ricciardo

The fans were very happy to see the Honey Badger back on the grid, the popular Aussie delivering with a decent drive to 13th on race day. Sporting a new helmet design, his Cheshire-cat grin firmly in place, Ricciardo behaved himself all weekend - but it won't be long before he's up to his old antics.

A big number for Williams

They might not have scored points, but Williams were able to celebrate their 800th race in Hungary - the third constructor to go past that mark after Ferrari and McLaren. It's a big number from a team with a big history.

Hul-KEN-berg's new do

Nico Hulkenberg's new hairdo was certainly eye-catching, but he might have been better going for 'go faster' racing stripes after lacking for race pace on Sunday.

Nevertheless, the bleach blonde do certainly made plenty of the paddock smile, and it wasn't just the Barbie movie that the German found himself referencing as he pulled off another good impression of a strong female character...

Oppenheimer or Barbie?!

It's the choice that has gripped the internet all week, with Hulkenberg nailing his colours very firmly to the mast. But what of the rest? Pierre Gasly seemed to have a foot in both camps, Alex Albon's former fashion choices put him firmly in with the German as Team Barbie, while down at Alfa, it was easy to see which way their drivers were going...

Perez's biggest fan

You couldn't help but feel for the kid in the crowd who had come to watch his hero Sergio Perez drive. Instead he witnessed the Mexican crash out in FP1 - and was distraught as a result. All's well that end's well though, as Red Bull invited him and his Dad into the garage where he got to meet his hero.

Chilli by name, chilly by nature

Carlos Sainz might go by the nickname chilli, but it turns out the Spaniard isn't a big fan of cold water. Not even the presence of a rubber duck could improve Sainz's mood when he jumped into a post-session ice bath...

A not so subtle shadow

Lewis Hamilton grabbed a record-extending 104th pole position on Saturday, and while he might be making a peace sign, his team saw something very different from above.

America's Got Talent

Terry Crews was on the grid ahead of the Hungarian GP as a guest of Red Bull. While he confirmed he might not be auditioning for the big Hollywood F1 film given his... less than optimum physique compared to the current crop of F1 drivers, he seemed pretty stoked to just soak up the atmosphere.

And why not, as a guest of the team that went on to break some pretty big records on race day?!

A papaya bull in a china shop

Oh dear Lando Norris – the McLaren man's customary champagne celebration had unintended consequences on the podium, as he managed to topple and break Max Verstappen's race-winning trophy.

We're sure McLaren will make it up to their rivals with a delivery of some extra strong superglue to Milton Keynes...



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