McLarens set for heavy grid penalties in Mexico

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As expected, both Fernando Alonso and McLaren team mate Stoffel Vandoorne are due to start Sunday’s Mexican Grand Prix from the rear of the field after changing multiple power unit elements on their Honda-powered cars.

“It will surely be a challenging weekend for us as I’m expecting to start from the back of the grid due to the engine issue we had in Austin,” said Alonso, who is set to receive a 20-place penalty for taking on his ninth engine of the season and his 11th turbocharger and MGU-H.

“But, on the positive side, we tested a lot of new components on Friday in the USA which we were very happy with, and we hope to take those forward to use in Mexico.”

Vandoorne, meanwhile, will pick up a 35-place grid drop after changing his full power unit, including a 12th turbo and MGU-H of the year – each car may use only four of any element before penalties are incurred.

The only other driver currently expecting a penalty is Toro Rosso’s Pierre Gasly, who will lose five grid places for a fifth Control Electronics unit.



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