Mission 44 and Formula 1 launch collaboration to drive forward diversity in motorsport


Mission 44, the charity founded in 2021 by seven-time FIA Formula 1 World Champion, Sir Lewis Hamilton, will become the latest charity to be officially ‘supported by Formula 1’, as the two organisations formalise their relationship and build on years of successful collaboration.

Since its launch, Mission 44 has advocated for greater representation, diversity, and inclusion in motorsport to create meaningful change for young people facing social injustice through education, empowerment, and employment opportunities.

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Formula 1 has worked closely with Mission 44 to address some of the challenges surrounding diversity and inclusion in the sport, supporting the charity in facilitating once-in-a-lifetime experiences for students from underrepresented groups to inspire them to consider careers in STEM and motorsport.

At this weekend’s British Grand Prix, the two organisations will host a first-of-its-kind networking event, bringing together scholars from the Formula 1 Engineering and Mission 44 MSc Motorsport Engineering scholarship programmes to share their knowledge and help with their professional development.


Formula 1 Engineering and Mission 44 MSc Motorsport Engineering scholars will participate in a networking event at the British Grand Prix

Both schemes offer students crucial financial and career support, with the objective to increase opportunities in motorsport for students from underrepresented backgrounds.

Last year, Mission 44 and Formula 1 delivered outreach programmes in Austin, Silverstone, and Sao Paulo, positively impacting more than 150 young people.

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As a supported charity, F1 will support Mission 44 in raising awareness of their work and connect the charity with organisations across motorsport to identify apprenticeships and similar opportunities for young people from underrepresented groups.

Speaking about the collaboration, Ellen Jones, Head of ESG at Formula 1, said: “Over the last few years, it has been a pleasure to support Mission 44 in its efforts to make our sport more diverse and give students and young people their first taste of the world of F1 and motorsport.


Mission 44 and Formula 1 delivered outreach programmes in Austin, Silverstone, and Sao Paulo last year, positively impacting more than 150 young people

"We look forward to working with Mission 44 in this new capacity and seeing how many doors we can open together to inspire the next generation."

Jason Arthur, CEO of Mission 44, added: “When Lewis Hamilton launched Mission 44 three years ago, it was with the ambition to create a fairer, more inclusive future for young people around the world.

"Together with Formula 1, we will be able to increase awareness and access to motorsport career opportunities, so young people, no matter their background, can succeed. Change requires collective action, and we’re excited to grow our partnership with Formula 1 to drive diversity in motorsport forward."


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