Phase one of Hungaroring redevelopment complete


Formula 1 will visit a renewed Hungaroring when it returns to Hungary on July 19-21, following the first phase of redevelopment works at the circuit being completed.

The paddock and the fan zone behind the main grandstand have undergone a spectacular revamp, which has seen the circuit dominated by workers and machinery, rather than race cars, for the last five months.

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The new and improved site is just the first part of a redevelopment project lasting until 2026. While finishing the retaining walls of the event area formed phase one in the original timeline, it was decided to also widen the paddock and complete construction of two tunnels under the start/finish straight to enable works to continue at pace when they continue after the 2024 event.

To meet deadlines, work at the circuit often took place 24 hours a day, with between 400-500 people working on the site at any one time.

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A total of 1500 people have been working on the project, with four tower cranes and five mobile cranes in action on the site installing 390 kilometres of pipeline, using 3,200 tonnes of reinforcing steel, 1,674 cubic metres of precast reinforced concrete and 32,000 cubic metres of concrete.

170,000 cubic metres of land has been shifted, with all the retaining walls of the event area behind the grandstand – a length of 450 metres in total – and the new staircase leading to the spectators’ area being built.

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The buildings on the lower depot area have been demolished and the new paddock, now 8,000 square metres in size, has been constructed. Additionally, a significant part of the final utility network has been completed and spectacular landscaping work has been carried out, ensuring that the Hungaroring can host the Hungarian Grand Prix in a fitting environment.

"It has been amazing to see the pace of the works and how much the Hungaroring has changed from week to week,” said Zsolt Gyulay, President and CEO of Hungaroring Sport Zrt. “Those arriving at the Hungarian Grand Prix will see that the redevelopment process lasting until 2026 has begun and has brought spectacular changes.

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“I have been saying for years that in the new era the needs have changed, the business world around F1 has changed, and nowadays Formula 1 races are considered a four-day festival, and the circuits have to adapt to meet these needs.

“I'm pleased that we have taken the first step. The smallest paddock in the World Championship has been widened, the two tunnels are constructed, the finish straight has been resurfaced and the area behind the grandstand has also seen a spectacular change.

“There are no abandoned buildings or construction sites in the area, which is very important to allow for a clean television coverage. FOM officials visited us recently and according to their feedback they were pleased with what they saw."

Redevelopment of the circuit will continue when phase two begins after this year’s Grand Prix.


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