WATCH: The challenge of wet weather driving and how Verstappen and Norris take an ‘unconventional’ approach


Driving in the wet can pose a huge challenge for F1 drivers, but it can also offer an opportunity for an unexpected result – or a particularly impressive performance. Amid reduced grip levels and changing weather at different parts of the track, many world champions over the years have showcased their skill by mastering the treacherous conditions to rise to the top.

This is no easy feat, as Jolyon Palmer demonstrates in the fourth episode of Racing ID, the F1 TV series taking a deep dive into the skills of a Formula 1 driver. Less grip when it’s wet means that a driver is more prone to running off the track, so they must find a way to search for grip whilst also considering braking, stability and tyre temperatures.

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Palmer explains why it’s important to avoid the white lines in the wet by looking back on his own mistakes during his F1 career, and shows what can happen if a driver struggles to manage the limited visibility imposed by wet weather.

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While a damp track can result in some incredibly nail-biting moments – like Sergio Perez’s “majestic” save in the wet back in 2018 – other drivers have proven themselves to be particularly strong when it comes to judging the changing conditions.

Palmer examines why the “unconventional” approach taken by Max Verstappen has proven successful for the Red Bull driver, while a seemingly unusual move by Lando Norris in the wet may have ultimately helped the Briton to find the maximum grip.

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Alongside this, Palmer looks at the contrast between Lewis Hamilton and George Russell’s wet-weather driving, as well as the impressive skills of Fernando Alonso and others.

To see more about how Formula 1 drivers handle wet weather driving, check out the latest episode of Racing ID on F1 TV by clicking here. You can also find every episode of the series so far by clicking here.


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