WATCH: The risk and reward of high-speed corners – and who Jolyon Palmer thinks needs to gain confidence for 2024


Watching an F1 car surge through a high-speed corner can be an awe-inspiring sight. It needs bravery, commitment and precision from the driver behind the wheel. These parts of a race track are perhaps the most dangerous and can be where things go badly wrong should a driver make an error.

While drivers spend less time in high-speed corners than in the low and medium-speed areas, this means that there are fewer opportunities to correct any mistakes, and as such drivers need to have the skill and confidence to avoid a potentially costly accident.

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In the third episode of Racing ID – the F1 TV series taking a deep dive into the skills of a Formula 1 driver – Jolyon Palmer explains the different factors involved in tackling a high-speed corner successfully, from car placement to maximising the entry point. And with forces of up to 6G being applied to the body, how a driver’s physical fitness is also crucial.

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Each driver has their own preference for how they like to attack high-speed corners. Palmer looks into the ways in which a driver feels the grip – with Fernando Alonso particularly sensitive to this using his hands – as well as examining the impact of driving style and car set-up.

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The contrast in between approaches becomes particularly clear when Palmer compares Williams team mates Alex Albon and Logan Sargeant. Looking at the data, Palmer highlights how a lack of confidence through high-speed corners seems to have affected Sargeant in his rookie season. Can the American driver work on this as he enters his second season in F1 in 2024?

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