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Say what? The best of race radio in Monaco

27 May 2015

"He just hit me. That's not very nice." Kimi Raikkonen wasn't the only man with complaints at the end of the Grand Prix in Monaco. We bring you the best sound bites from a dramatic weekend...

"Let's calm down and reset for this run."
Lewis Hamilton keeps his cool after a mistake by Mercedes leaves him playing catch up in Q2.

"Aahhh. That’s painful. Such a shame guys, such a shame."
Jenson Button can't hide his anguish as yellow flags spoil his final effort to launch McLaren into Q3 for the first time this year...

"Did I get it!?"
...while Hamilton can't hide his excitement after booking pole on the Monte Carlo streets for the first time in his F1 career.

"The strategy is to go as fast as possible and overtake as many cars as you can."
With Carlos Sainz staring from the pit lane, Toro Rosso go old school in terms of the Spaniard's race plan.

"We think the brakes are okay now." (Lotus to Maldonado)
"The brakes are not okay." (Maldonado in response)
More agony for Pastor Maldonado as brake issues force him to retire after just five laps, meaning he is still yet to see the chequered flag in a Monaco Grand Prix.

"Gearbox issues. Can you check what I can do?"
Fernando Alonso is robbed of a potential points finish as technical gremlins strike on lap 41.

"If I stay with Vettel it’s easier for me to overtake…"
Max Verstappen comes up with a cunning plan to use blue flags to pick off his rivals - but undoes that somewhat by sharing his idea.

"I've lost this race, haven't I?"
Having pitted under the safety car, Hamilton quickly senses the severity of Mercedes' mistaken strategy.

"This is like sending swimmers to swim with weights on their legs."
Sebastian Vettel has time for creative metaphors as the safety car backs up the field and causes tyre temperatures to plummet.

"Did you see what that guy [Ricciardo] did? He just hit me and I went wide and that's not very nice."
Kimi Raikkonen, a Say what? favourite, takes affront to being barged out of fifth by Daniel Ricciardo at Mirabeau.

"You need to get stuck into these guys early." (Red Bull to Ricciardo)
"Keep your head down." (Ferrari to Vettel)
"Please stop talking to me, please." (Hamilton to Mercedes)

The tension rockets as Daniel Ricciardo closes on to the back of the Lewis Hamilton/Sebastian Vettel battle for second in the final stages of the race.

"Really sorry Lewis. We're just going to have to have a word with the pit wall."
Lewis Hamilton's race engineer can only apologise as the Briton finishes third following a mistaken call from the Mercedes strategists...

"Woohoo! YES!"
...but Hamilton's despair is Nico Rosberg's joy as the German celebrates a Monaco hat-trick that seemed impossible until lap 64.

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