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Say what? The best of race radio in Belgium

25 Aug 2015

"That's how you ******* do it!" From Daniil Kvyat's adrenaline-fuelled overtakes to Williams' pit stop blunder, and from Romain Grosjean struggling to hold back his emotions to Vettel's strategy concerns, we review the best sound bites from a captivating weekend at Spa-Francorchamps...

"Fantastic job, fantastic! Incredible - one of the best races of your career! I'm so proud..."

Lotus sing Romain Grosjean's praises after his stunning podium - but the Frenchman can't respond as he chokes back the tears.

"Thanks guys, really good job, it was good fun." (Bottas on Saturday)

"What was the issue?" (Bottas on Sunday)

"Mix up in the pit stop..." (Williams in response)

In one of the season's more bizarre mishaps, Williams somehow contrive to fit Bottas with three soft-compund tyres and one medium - spoiling what had been high hopes after the Finn qualified a season-high third.

"Err...there's no power at all. I'm flat out and nothing is happening..." (Hulkenberg)

"Pit this lap... Take the start, do not come into the pits. The booster has started to come back." (Force India)

"Same thing again, I have no power, no power." (Hulkenberg)

Nico Hulkenberg, meanwhile, doesn't even make the start, as an intermittent power issue forces him to stop on the grid and retire.

"Something is wrong..." (Sainz)

"I lost the engine..." (Maldonado)

Hulkenberg isn't the only one to suffer early gremlins - Toro Rosso's Carlos Sainz also has issues on the formation lap, while Lotus's Pastor Maldonado retires on lap three.

"Nico is definitely closer since the VSC came out... How did he gain a second?!"

Over at Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton comes under pressure for the first time in the race at mid-distance - and he's not happy given his belief that team mate Nico Rosberg made up time while running under Virtual Safety Car conditions.

"Think about an extra stop if it makes sense?"

Sebastian Vettel, meanwhile, questions whether Ferrari would be best served by switching to a two-stop strategy on lap 29. They decide, ill-fatedly, to stick with the one-stop plan... 

"I've lost a lot of... power." (Hamilton)

"Copy. That's the same for both cars." (Mercedes)

Things were far smoother for Mercedes - the team were even able to turn down Hamilton and Rosberg's engines shortly before the finish.

"It is a long way for them to go on this tyre. We will be competitive at the end..."

Just past half-distance, and Kvyat drops to seventh after his second stop - but Red Bull reassure him his race hopes are very much alive.

"That's how you ******* do it!"

"Next car!"

A fired-up Kvyat duly delivers, letting rip on the radio and on track after passing Felipe Massa and Sergio Perez in separate moves at Les Combes.

"Wow these cars are slow in front - even we're catching them! I think they're making a mistake not pitting..."

Gallows humour - and some strategy advice - from McLaren's Jenson Button as he closes on the likes of Marcus Ericsson and Felipe Nasr, who are trying to stretch their rubber until the end.

"That's the best lap I've done in a long time!"

McLaren's problems also disguise just how good Button's qualifying lap was - although out-pacing team mate Fernando Alonso by almost half a second gives him something to rightly shout about.

"Something broke." (Raikkonen)

"Understood Kimi. Switch off, switch off." (Ferrari)

No such cheer for Kimi Raikkonen however, as technical gremlins bring about an early exit in Q2.

"I don't understand. It's very dangerous what he did to me - very dangerous."

Hours earlier, Raikkonen draws Grosjean's ire by slowing down on the racing line in FP3, forcing the Frenchman to take emergency evasive action.

"Marcus, are you okay?" (Sauber)

"Yeah all okay. I hit the wall quite hard...sorry." (Ericsson)

Practice isn't smooth for Ericsson either, as a mistake at Pouhon sends him spearing heavily into the barriers.

"Expect a lot of backing up. Stick your elbows out, try and get good track position."

No nonsense advice from Red Bull, after two red flags throw run plans into disarray in FP2

"Can you hear me Romain? Radio check... if you can hear me, which I doubt, we lost all the power." (Lotus in FP2)

"Strat 7 - have a go at Perez." (Lotus to Grosjean, lap 20)

"Keep pushing, you can get him..." (Lotus to Grosjean, lap 36)

Lotus look troubled on Friday, but by Sunday their remarkable turnaround is complete as Grosjean scythes past Perez and then hunts down Vettel, securing a very unlikely podium.