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In numbers - the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

23 Nov 2016

Did you know that track temperature changes can be in double figures during a race? Or that less than 10 drivers have reached the podium? Ahead of this year’s Yas Marina round, we present some fascinating facts and figures...



Number of new or revamped circuits added to the F1 calendar since Abu Dhabi’s maiden race in 2009 (those five being: Austin, Sochi, Mexico City, Baku and Spielberg).


The most positions made up by one driver in Abu Dhabi - Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel's spectacular charge took him from last to third in the 2012 Yas Marina race.


The world-record top speed - in km/h - achieved by the Formula Rossa rollercoaster in Abu Dhabi’s Ferrari World theme park.


The lowest starting position from which the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has been won - by Kimi Raikkonen for Lotus in 2012.


Smallest winning margin - in seconds - recorded in Abu Dhabi - when Raikkonen triumphed over Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso in that 2012 event.


Typical speed - in km/h - seen around Yas Marina Circuit’s Turn 7, the track’s slowest corner.


Highest g-force experienced under braking by an F1 driver during a lap of Yas Marina - on the approach to Turn 8.


Number of gear changes an F1 driver will typically make over the course of the 55-lap Abu Dhabi race.


Degrees (Celsius) by which the track temperature has been known to drop as the sun goes down during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.


Six of the 21 corners at the Yas Marina Circuit are taken at less than 100km/h. Only Monaco and Singapore have more.


Number of drivers to have finished on the Abu Dhabi podium - Sebastian Vettel (4 times), Lewis Hamilton (4), Jenson Button (3), Fernando Alonso (2), Mark Webber (2), Kimi Raikkonen (2), Nico Rosberg (2), Felipe Massa (1) and Valtteri Bottas (1).


Sunday will mark the first time F1 teams have contested a 21st Grand Prix in a season, as the longest campaign in Formula One history draws to a close.


Combined number of laps led in Abu Dhabi by Lewis Hamilton (138) and Sebastian Vettel (134) - more than double the total achieved by all other drivers put together.


Highest average speed (in km/h) recorded for an Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - by Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel in 2009.


Most wins achieved by a single team - Red Bull - in Abu Dhabi. Mercedes will match that total if they are victorious on Sunday.