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In numbers - the Singapore Grand Prix

13 Sep 2016

Did you know that one driver has claimed as many Singapore wins as all his rivals put together? Or that only two drivers not on the current grid have finished on the podium? Ahead of this year’s Marina Bay round, we present some fascinating facts and figures...



Number of Mercedes-powered cars on the Singapore podium last year - for the Silver Arrows’ works team, Lewis Hamilton retired with power unit problems, while Nico Rosberg could manage no better than fourth.


Number of times in the last five years that the winner of the Singapore Grand Prix has gone on to claim the drivers’ title.


Number of drivers to have recorded a ‘grand slam’, or ‘grand chelem’, of pole, win, fastest lap, and led every lap in Singapore - Fernando Alonso in 2010 and Sebastian Vettel in 2013.


Number of corners that make up the Marina Bay Street Circuit - more than any other track on the F1 calendar.


Number of kilos in bodyweight that drivers can lose over the course of the Singapore Grand Prix, thanks to the intense heat and humidity.


Percentage of the eight Singapore Grands Prix to date to have been won by Sebastian Vettel.


Of the trio of drivers to have won in Singapore, all have been past or reigning world champions - Fernando Alonso (won twice), Sebastian Vettel (four times), and Lewis Hamilton (twice).


Number of 2016’s 1,268 racing laps already completed heading into this weekend’s Singapore round.


The biggest winning margin, in seconds, in Singapore Grand Prix history - recorded in 2013. Again, it was Alonso and Vettel involved, though this time it was the latter man in front.


Number of drivers whose F1 CV includes a Singapore pole, but not a Singapore win - Felipe Massa started first but finished an unlucky 13th in 2008.


Nine drivers have featured on the Singapore podium, but only two are no longer on the grid – Mark Webber (third for Red Bull in 2010 and 2011) and Timo Glock (second for Toyota in 2009).


If Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen finish in the top three on Sunday, Red Bull will become the first team to take their Singapore podium tally into double figures. Behind their current 9, best of the rest are Ferrari on 5 and McLaren on 4. Despite their recent dominance, Mercedes have only taken one Singapore podium.


The peak relative humidity figure (%) experienced over the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix weekend.


Finishing position for 2016 Indy 500 winner Alex Rossi on his F1 race debut with Marussia in last year’s Singapore Grand Prix.


Percentage of the Marina Bay Street Circuit’s 5.065km lap distance spent at full throttle in an F1 car.


Typical number of gear changes made by a driver during a Singapore Grand Prix.