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Pirelli reveal tyre choices for final three Grands Prix

08 Oct 2014

Formula One tyre suppliers Pirelli have revealed the tyre choices they will take to the final three rounds of the 2014 Formula 1 world championship.

The Italian company will bring their medium tyre option to both Austin and Sao Paulo - although it will pair the white-marked compound with the soft tyre in the US and the hard tyre in Brazil.

Pirelli will then bring the softest two compounds in their range to the 2014 Abu Dhabi season finale - the red-marked super soft and yellow-marked soft - as this combination is best suited to the smooth track surface and expected drop in temperatures during the race itself.

Over the 19 races that form this year's championship, Pirelli's soft and medium compounds are therefore the most selected options, being used for 13 Grands Prix in total. The super soft and hard compounds, by comparison, have each been nominated for six Grands Prix.

At a glance - tyre compounds for 2014:

Australia - soft, medium
Malaysia - medium, hard
Bahrain - soft, medium
China - soft, medium
Spain - medium, hard
Monaco - supersoft, soft
Canada - supersoft, soft
Austria - supersoft, soft
Great Britain - medium, hard
Germany - supersoft, soft
Hungary - soft, medium
Belgium - soft, medium
Italy - medium, hard
Singapore - supersoft, soft
Japan - medium, hard
Russia - soft, medium
USA - soft, medium
Brazil - medium, hard
Abu Dhabi - super soft, soft