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Pirelli reveal tyre choices up to Singapore

24 Jul 2014

Pirelli have confirmed the tyre compounds that they will take to Belgium, Italy and Singapore.

Formula One racing's official tyre suppliers will bring their soft and medium compounds - also available this weekend in Hungary - for Spa-Francorchamps, which will host the 12th round of the 2014 championship.

Pirelli will then provide their hardest two compounds for Monza, before moving to the other end of the scale by making their softest two compounds available for Singapore's Marina Bay street circuit.

The Italian tyre company said the latter selection was made to provide maximum mechanical grip, while the provision of the medium and hard compounds for Italy reflected the high-energy loads generated by the sustained high speeds and heavy braking zones of Monza.

At a glance - tyre compounds for 2014:

Australia - soft, medium

Malaysia - medium, hard

Bahrain - soft, medium

China - soft, medium

Spain - medium, hard

Monaco - supersoft, soft

Canada - supersoft, soft

Austria - supersoft, soft

Great Britain - medium, hard

Germany - supersoft, soft

Hungary - soft, medium

Belgium - soft, medium

Italy - medium, hard

Singapore - supersoft, soft