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Big teams will benefit from ’17 rules delay - Symonds

09 Mar 2016

F1 racing’s smaller teams risk being at a disadvantage to their bigger-budget rivals in 2017 because of the delay in agreeing the technical regulations - that's the warning from Williams’ chief technical officer Pat Symonds.

With discussions still ongoing about the best route to take with future cars, the F1 Commission decided in February to postpone the deadline for the finalisation of next year's technical regulations until April 30 - a move that concerns Symonds.

“If by February 29 we decided what the rules were for 2017 then I’d say: ‘well, it’s quite late but everyone has got time to do it’,” he explained.

“If it goes on to May 1 then I think that this gives a very big advantage to the big teams. They have bigger resources in terms of both money and manpower.

“So then we are getting to a point where the rules aren’t the same for everyone. Or the effects of the rules aren’t the same for everyone."

In a statement, the FIA said the 2017 bodywork regulations were aimed at creating "more exciting cars, delivering additional downforce to increase speeds and lower lap times."

This would involve, amongst other things, making the car longer, lower and wider, changing the front and rear wing dimensions and increasing the width of the tyres.

“We’ve got a set of regulations - aerodynamic regulations - on the table which are okay - but not much more than that,” commented Symonds.

"To be honest it is quite difficult at this very moment to say where it’ll all end up. There are different ideas as to what’s required. I always expressed that I don’t mind what the rules are as long as they are the same for everybody. That is what matters."

For a visual explanation of the proposed changes for 2017, click here