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Ferrari trial ‘halo’ cockpit protection in Spain

03 Mar 2016

Kimi Raikkonen ran his Ferrari with a halo-style cockpit protection device during Thursday morning’s testing in Spain. It is the first time the system has been seen on an F1 car during a public session.

The halo is currently the preferred solution among a number being considered by Formula One racing’s governing body, the FIA, for potential introduction in 2017, in order to offer better protection for the driver’s head.

The halo-shaped hoop - a concept originally developed by Mercedes - could stop certain types of debris from reaching the driver in incidents such as that which led to Indycar star Justin Wilson’s death last year.

Meanwhile the proximity of the single, central strut to the driver is such that it should have minimal effect on visibility.

Raikkonen completed just one installation lap with the halo fitted to his SF16-H before returning to the pits.

WATCH: Raikkonen reports back after first run with 'halo' safety device