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Pirelli confirm tyre compound allocations for Spain

10 Mar 2016

Pirelli have announced the three tyre compounds they’ll bring to the fifth round of the 2016 FIA Formula One World Championship at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain.

They are the orange-marked hard compound, the white-marked medium and the yellow-marked soft. Under the new-for-2016 regulations, teams must have a set of hards and a set of mediums available for the race, and must use at least one of them.

Each driver will also have to save one set of softs for the Q3 qualifying session. This set will be given back to Pirelli after Q3 for those who qualify in the top eight, but the remaining drivers will keep it for the race.

The teams are free to choose the 10 remaining sets permitted from the three available compounds, making up 13 sets in total for the weekend.

Under the 2016 tyre regulations, tyre nominations for long-haul events have to be made 14 weeks in advance, whereas for European races the deadline is eight weeks in advance.

The 2016 tyre choices so far:

Australia - supersoft, soft, medium
Bahrain - supersoft, soft, medium
China - supersoft, soft, medium
Russia - supersoft, soft, medium
Spain - hard, medium, soft
Monaco - tbc
Canada - ultrasoft, supersoft, soft
Europe - supersoft, soft, medium