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Alonso gets upgraded Honda power unit in Monaco

26 May 2016

Honda have revealed they will have a single upgraded powertrain for Fernando Alonso at McLaren in Monaco this weekend, despite not having spent any more of their remaining 14 in-season development tokens.

The move means Alonso will be on the third of his five permitted internal combustion engines (ICE) for the season, but Honda say this one will have modifications to enhance reliability.

Though team mate Jenson Button will stick with the same ICE he used at the last round in Spain, both he and Alonso will also have revised electronics and new batteries after the latter’s car switched itself off in Barcelona after going into fuel-saving mode.

Motorsport head Yusuke Hasegawa has already stated that Honda will use at least some of their development tokens to effect a significant upgrade of the combustion process, which will be introduced mid-season in the search for greater horsepower and top-end performance.

Honda have previously confirmed they intend to spend their tokens on major updates, rather than taking small steps throughout the season.