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Pirelli reveal tyre compounds for Belgium and Japan

23 Jun 2016

Pirelli have confirmed the three tyre compounds that will be available to the teams at the upcoming races in Spa-Francorchamps and Suzuka.

The Italian tyre manufacturer will bring their supersoft, soft and medium compounds to Belgium - a combination that has been chosen for five of the eight races to date.

The teams must keep a set of softs and a set of mediums for the race, with at least one of those sets used during the Grand Prix.

For Suzuka meanwhile Pirelli will offer their three hardest compounds - the soft, medium and hard - to teams. Two sets of hard tyres form the mandatory selection, meaning teams will have to use at least one set of hard tyres during the race.

The combination of soft, medium and hard has only been used once so far in 2016, in Spain - although Pirelli will bring the same combination to both Silverstone and Malaysia.

The 2016 tyre choices so far:

Australia - supersoft, soft, medium
Bahrain - supersoft, soft, medium
China - supersoft, soft, medium
Russia - supersoft, soft, medium
Spain - soft, medium, hard
Monaco - ultrasoft, supersoft, soft
Canada - ultrasoft, supersoft, soft
Europe - supersoft, soft, medium

Austria - ultrasoft, supersoft, soft
Great Britain - soft, medium, hard
Hungary - supersoft, soft, medium
Germany - supersoft, soft, medium
Belgium - supersoft, soft, medium
Singapore - ultrasoft, supersoft, soft
Malaysia - soft, medium, hard
Japan - soft, medium, hard