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Pirelli's 2017 tyres make track debut

01 Aug 2016

Formula One tyre supplier Pirelli got its testing programme for wider, faster 2017 tyres underway at Fiorano today, with Sebastian Vettel at the wheel of a modified Ferrari SF15-T.

The four-time world champion will drive throughout the day on an artifically dampened circuit, as Pirelli investigate how the 25 percent increase in tyre width affects the behaviour and performance of their intermediate and wet compounds. Esteban Gutierrez will take over driving duties tomorrow, again behind the wheel of the Ferrari.

The Fiorano trial is part of a wider testing programme which will incorporate 10 dates and three teams - Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes - as F1's official tyre manufacturer ramps up preparations for next year. All data from the tests will be shared will all teams.

While Vettel completed a few installation laps on slick tyres, Red Bull will be the first team to properly trial Pirelli's 2017 slicks during a two-day test at Mugello, Italy, on August 3-4.

Pirelli have already run a separate test programme to trial different materials and structures for their tyres earlier this year.

Test dates for 2017-specification tyres
1 Aug 1-2 2 Fiorano Ferrari Wets
2 Aug 3-4 2 Mugello Red Bull Slicks
3 Sep 6-7 2 Barcelona Ferrari Slicks
4 Sep 6-7-8 3 Paul Ricard Mercedes Slicks
5 Sep 21-22 2 Paul Ricard Mercedes Wets
6 Oct 12-13 2 Barcelona Mercedes Slicks
7 Oct 14-15-16 3 Abu Dhabi Red Bull Slicks
8 Nov 2-3 2 Abu Dhabi Red Bull Wets
9 Nov 14-15-16 3 Abu Dhabi Ferrari Slicks
10 Nov 29 3 Abu Dhabi All Final validation