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Lewis Hamilton Q&A: This victory was for Bianchi

12 Oct 2014

Lewis Hamilton cruised to his ninth victory of the season in Russia, and in the process helped Mercedes secure their first Formula One constructors' championship.

Speaking after the race, Hamilton dedicated the win to the injured Jules Bianchi, saying the Frenchman - who remains in a critical condition following his accident at Suzuka - has never left his thoughts...

Q: Lewis, this win gave you a 17 point lead over team mate Nico Rosberg: do you now feel that you are in control of the championship?

Lewis Hamilton: No! Of course it is a very positive feeling to have those 17 points, and to have finished ahead of Nico today - but history has shown this year that the gap can never be enough! (laughs) The most important thing is the gap at the very end of the season. Right now nothing changes - I will keep fighting and pushing as hard as I have been up until now.

Q: So you don't feel slightly more comfortable?

LH: There is no such thing as a comfortable feeling when the championship is still open. This championship will go to the end, so I just hope that the future for me is bright at the next races.

Q: Today Mercedes won the constructors' title. You made a bold choice when you joined them - is today the reward?

LH: Yes, it is the greatest feeling to drive this car, be part of the team and represent Mercedes-Benz, who signed me when I was 13 and helped me all the way - and now creating history with them is just awesome. To help them win their first ever constructors' title - that is a dream come true.

Q: What was going through your mind when you saw Nico diving down your inside at Turn 2, and then locking up so heavily, with tyre smoke everywhere?

LH: Not too much, you don't have the time to think. I was ready for a fight over the race win as I was pretty aware of the fact that at the start there was the chance that I would lose the position just because it is such a long run to Turn 1 - but I was ready to fight. He was ahead and the only thing I was thinking: 'okay I have to make sure that I am close enough for the DRS'. It would have been a hard fight for the victory without his mistake. That of course made things a lot easier. It was a pretty good feeling to bag 25 points today!

Q: Is there anybody you are dedicating this race win to?

LH: All week there was only one person on my mind and that was Jules (Bianchi). Of course there is happiness for the team with today's title win but there is also no doubt that I was thinking of him and his family a lot. I keep him in my prayers every day. If it means anything, I would like to dedicate my win today to him and his family. I hope that every bit of positive energy will help. Let's all send positive vibes out to him.