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Nico Rosberg Q&A: Sometimes the odds are against you

27 Jul 2014

Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg held a commanding lead in Sunday’s race at the Hungaroring until Marcus Ericsson crashed his Caterham and brought out the safety car. At that point, the German’s race turned on its head. Afterwards, the world championship leader spoke to reporters about his eventful day…

Q: Nico, it was a really eventful race that in the end probably didn’t deliver what you had hoped for. You started from pole position - but then it went downhill. What are you taking with you from that race?

Nico Rosberg: In my emotional world the last lap is what sticks: that I didn’t manage to pass Lewis [Hamilton]. That is what is consuming my mind right now. Yes, it was an eventful race and I had my share of bad luck with the safety car coming out when I have just passed the pit lane entry, then the brakes started to overheat, so it was a case of accumulating problems.

Q: The pit wall asked Lewis over the team radio to let you past - which he didn’t do. How upset are you about that?

NR: I don’t want to make any comments on that now. We will have to discuss that internally.

Q: Were you ever close enough to him that when the message came you would have been able to overtake him without him slowing down?

NR: As I just said we have to sit down and analyse the situation.

Q: In the same situation and receiving that ‘order’, would you have moved over and let him pass?

NR: That is too much of an ‘if’ right now. That would be pure speculation and it is not my intention to feed speculation right now.

Q: Your attempt to pass Lewis led you pretty far off the track - was that intentional?

NR: In that part you can outrun the car on the inside - we know that it is possible there. I just wasn’t able to do it.

Q: It was a sizzling last lap for all who watched - how was it for you as one of the actors in that scene?

NR: I was driving at full attack - it was necessary to try to overtake [Hamilton] - but I didn’t manage it. And that is really annoying.

Q: When did you realise that you could attack the leading trio?

NR: Actually it was part of the strategy that I would be able to catch the leader towards the end of the race. In hindsight it probably was not a one hundred percent perfect strategy - but that is always easy to say afterwards. A problem was also - as I just mentioned - that my brakes started to overheat and that my tyres were almost finished. So in the end one thing added to the other…

Q: Have you ever before had that compelling wish for one more lap!

NR: Yes indeed, this race was one lap too short for me. But that is racing. Sometimes the odds are against you.