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The essential… Nico Rosberg

31 Mar 2015

Barring that thus far elusive world championship crown, Mercedes’ Nico Rosberg would appear to have it all: F1 success, fame, fortune and family… But what are the truly essential items in his life? We quizzed the eight-time Grand Prix winner and made some interesting discoveries, including a love of classic cars and a fondness for Frosties…

What are the essential elements of your pre-race routine?

Nico Rosberg: Mainly relaxing in my room, listening to some music. Lately it has been - surprise, surprise - dance music as this pumps up the mood a bit. Sometimes I play soccer with my physio Daniel - that’s about it.

What are the essential ingredients of a good night out?

NR: That’s very easy: the company you’re with. My best friends, my wife - and of course having good music! With these ingredients it doesn’t matter where you are - you will have an awesome time.

What essential items must you have in your driver’s room/motorhome at a race?

NR: My headphones, my music, my Blackberry - these are my absolute essentials.

What essential items must you always have in your fridge at home?

NR: I must have some lacto-free milk for breakfast and bio veggies for lunch.

What are your essential qualities for a girlfriend/wife/partner?

NR: Love and trustworthiness.

What are essential qualities of a good F1 team mate?

NR: Respect!

Your essential tip for avoiding stress at airports?

NR: Organization.

What are the essential qualities of an F1 driver?

NR: Talent, being organized and the ability to take it easy.

What is essential to help you wind down after a race?

NR: Having a snack. Usually I have to keep away from all this sweet stuff, but after a race I can afford some Frosties (sugar frosted cornflakes) and these kinds of things - as a sweet reward.

What are the essential elements of a great racing circuit?

NR: A good combination of everything: fast corners, hairpins, long straights to overtake.

What are the essential qualities of a team boss?

NR: Human skills. People management.

What are your essential requirements at a hotel?

NR: The most essential thing is that it is clean. Just clean.

What is the essential Grand Prix every fan should attend at least once in their lifetime?

NR: Monaco. It’s my home race - or one of my home races - and it is an awesome experience. I’ve won it twice and I am very proud of that. And I will make it three times this year!

What are your essentials for a good night’s sleep?

NR: My pillow, keeping the room dark - and being in a sleeping rhythm.

What are the essential items you must have with you while travelling?

NR: My passport, my travel bag, my phone, my credit cards, some money - and something to read: at the moment anything about classic cars.

What is essential to help you wake up in the morning?

NR: My alarm clock. That is highly essential. And I have music as the wake-up sound, not a ring tone. That makes it easier for me to open my eyes! (laughs).

What is the essential corner in F1 racing?

NR: Eau Rouge in Spa. Even if it is not as difficult as it used to be it is still phenomenal.

What are the essential parts of your training regime?

NR: Eating healthily, endurance training on the bicycle, swimming and gym exercise to strengthen the muscles.

What is the personal quality most essential for success in F1 racing?

NR: Determination and commitment.

What is your essential tip for the aspiring F1 driver?

NR: Believe in yourself - and be good to the people who decide your future.