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Tech insight - unique Ferrari exhaust, Red Bull T-tray wing

27 Nov 2016

As the teams prepare to give their 2016 machines their very last race outings, we take a look at a couple of this year's interesting developments as spotted on the cars in Abu Dhabi…

Ferrari SF16-H - solid-block exhaust

Ferrari have a very expensive and complex the way of building their exhaust system. Unlike most other teams’, it is not formed from tubing but is instead machined from a solid block of metal, making it lighter and more reliable. It’s a solution that has been on the SF16-H since the team’s home race at Monza in September.

Red Bull RB12 - T-tray wing mounting

Red Bull were the first team this season to modify the fixing point of the bat wing (red arrow) introduced in 2014 by Mercedes. Instead of being attached to the lower part of the chassis, it is fixed to the T-tray - a solution since copied by McLaren and Ferrari.