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Analysis - Red Bull clutch paddle arrangement

16 Apr 2016

Following our looks at Mercedes’ and Ferrari’s steering wheels at 2016’s first two races, in China we highlight that on Red Bull’s RB12…

On the back of their wheels, the British team have kept the same shape and layout seen on Daniel Ricciardo’s and Daniil Kvyat’s 2015 cars, retaining the clutch paddles on either side. To respect the new 2016 rules, the driver may use only one hand and one paddle to operate the clutch at the race start, but both hands may be used at all other times, such as when recovering in the event of a spin.

Despite the regulation changes, nearly all the teams have kept this or a similar layout, with only Ferrari opting to replace the double clutch paddles with a single wishbone arrangement. The previously seen drawing below compares the Scuderia's 2015 and '16 set-ups.