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Tech insight - Mercedes’ Montreal updates

13 Jun 2016

Ferrari may be getting closer, but that’s not because Mercedes aren’t trying. Despite winning all bar one 2016 race to date, the reigning world champions show no sign of resting on their laurels, as illustrated by the latest developments seen on their car in Canada...

L-shaped turning vanes

The F1 W07 Hybrid has evolved further since Spain, and has even seen some totally new solutions - like these long, L-shaped turning vanes (left arrow) under the chassis. They exploit the same aerodynamic principles as the vanes already seen under the barge boards in front of the car’s sidepods (below).

Front wing fins

On the front wing’s rearmost flap, Mercedes introduced this unique solution. A series of small parallel fins (red arrow) help to better direct airflow on the outside of the car’s front wheels. It was trialled first on Hamilton’s car, then on Rosberg’s too, the latter also using Canada practice to test a new front wing designed for the low-drag requirements of the upcoming Baku City Circuit race.