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Tech review - making the most of Monza

05 Sep 2016

The high-speed and low-downforce demands of the famed Monza circuit make it pretty much unique on the F1 calendar, with teams using bespoke solutions that are seen nowhere else. Here's what just three were up to over the 2016 Italy weekend...

Ferrari SF16-H - front wing updates

Ferrari had two front wing options available for their home race. They chose the one shown above, without the longitudinal fin inside the endplate that was raced last time out in Belgium (inset). The red arrow on the main drawing highlights the lack of a final flap and the adjustment mechanism used to alter the angle of incidence.

Red Bull RB12 - Monza-Spa rear wing comparison

The rear wing that Red Bull introduced in Italy was very much based on the design the team ran in Monza last year - rather than the one they used last time out at Spa. As can be seen in the drawing above, among the most notable differences is the total lack of strakes or vertical gills in the endplates. Also different are the central wing support and the DRS mechanism.

Renault R.S.16 - rear bodywork trial

On Friday in Italy, Jolyon Palmer got the job of testing this revised bodywork on the rear of his Renault. The ‘cola bottle’ section is much narrower and lower than before, and it ends with an incredibly big opening, which allows all the hot air to exit only at the very back of the car.