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A Lap of Silverstone with David Coulthard 09 Jul 2004

David Coulthard (GBR) Mclaren MP4/19B
French Grand Prix, Rd 10, Race Day, Magny Cours, France, 4 July 2004 Third placed David Coulthard (GBR) McLaren in the post qualifying press conference.
French Grand Prix, Rd 10, Qualifying Day, Magny Cours, France, 3 July 2004 David Coulthard (GBR) McLaren Mercedes MP4/19B.
French Grand Prix, Rd 10, Qualifying Day, Magny Cours, France, 3 July 2004 David Coulthard (GBR) McLaren Mercedes MP4/19B.
French Grand Prix, Rd 10, Qualifying Day, Magny Cours, France, 3 July 2004

The McLaren driver, two times a British Grand Prix winner, guides you on a flying lap of the historic Silverstone circuit.

For a map of the circuit layout, please click here.

“A flying lap of Silverstone begins with the extremely fast and challenging Copse Corner. You arrive at the right hander at 181mph / 290km/h, before dabbing the brakes, with your speed dropping slightly to 165mph / 265km/h in sixth as you swing through the bend, which is off-camber at the exit.

“A short burst of power takes you to one of the best complex of corners we have at any Grand Prix track, the Maggots-Becketts-Chapel S bends. You have to be careful as you reach Maggots as this is where you drive past the pit exit, however throughout the complex you maintain speeds of 131mph / 210km/h to 176mph / 285km/h as you take the sequence of right and left flicks flat out, before being swung onto the fastest section of the track, Hanger straight.

“Taken flat out with a top speed of 190mph / 305km/h in sixth gear, this long blast leads to Stowe. Due to the late nature of the apex you are braking all the way into the corner, flicking down the gears to 112mph / 180km/h to negotiate the right-hander. The worst thing you can get here is understeer as it will affect your lap time a lot in that particular corner.

“You then roll out into a very straight forward exit along Vale that takes you down into Club, reaching 175mph / 280km/h before braking for the long right-hander. You can develop a bit of oversteer here, as you accelerate through the corner reaching 130mph / 210km/h. Then there is a straightforward acceleration from second to sixth gear out of Club corner which has been made easier by traction control. Then you go down the short straight to the left of Abbey corner, which is taken in third gear, at 75mph / 120km/h, has a very fast entry and is a good place for overtaking.

“There is a short exit before the flick right of Farm, and you then go up and over the hill into Bridge corner, which is taken flat at 135mph / 245km/h in fifth gear. You then enter the Stadium Complex and some of the best overtaking opportunities on the track. It starts with a quick entry into Luffield in fourth gear. It’s quite fun to drift the car out there and it tends to dance around with the back end.

“You come out of Luffield and get on the brakes straight away for the tight left of Priory, which is taken at 97mph / 155km/h, and is immediately followed by the 55mph / 88km/h second gear tight left of Brooklands, which sees you steer the car through 180-degrees.

"The final corner in the complex is Luffield. Entering this long right hander your speed is around the 100mph / 160km/h mark in third gear, dropping to 65mph / 104km/h in the same gear as you exit. The sweeping right of Woodcote is the final corner, you accelerate through the two apexes of the bend as you swing back round onto the pit straight to begin another lap of Silverstone.”