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The Formula One aspirants - Andy Soucek 28 Aug 2008

Andy Soucek (ESP) Super Nova Racing celebrates his second position on the podium. GP2 Series, Rd 7, Race 2, Budapest, Hungary, Sunday 3 August 2008. World © Patching/Sutton Bridgestone e-reporter finalist Tabatha Valls Halling and Andy Soucek (Super Nova Racing) in Valencia, European Grand Prix, 23 August 2008. © Bridgestone

For the drivers in the 2008 GP2 Series, the immediate goal is this year’s championship. Beyond that, however, they invariably have their sights set on the highest rung of the motorsport ladder, Formula One.

At the European GP2 rounds - they support the Formula One Grands Prix - a 2008 finalist in Bridgestone’s e-reporter competition is bringing us the lowdown on the F1 hopefuls. In Valencia, Tabatha Valls Halling caught up with Andy Soucek…

Andy Soucek. 23 years old. Spanish - even though when you hear his name for the first time, you might think he is from anywhere but Spain. His father is from Austria and his mother is from France. “I was born in Madrid and I consider myself totally Spanish since the beginning,” Soucek affirms.

He is one of the GP2 Super Nova Racing drivers, along with Alvaro Parente. His best race result up until now has been a second place in Hungary (2008), giving Spain its first GP2 podium of the season. But before GP2, Andy gained experience in the Formula Renault World Series, where he ended up in a great fourth position in 2006, and also in Spanish Formula Three, where he won the 2005 championship.

The GP2 Series is clearly a way to eventually get into Formula One racing, and Soucek can already say that at his young age he has tried out a Formula One car with Toyota - a prize for his Toyota-powered F3 title.

He is young, experienced, but eager to learn at the same time. And GP2 is the perfect school. It’s a great opportunity to show what one is capable of, and as GP2 races are on the same circuits during the same weekends as Formula One racing, it is clearly the place to do well, as at any moment drivers can be watched and followed by the Formula One community.

Soucek is a young but talented driver, who knows what he is doing. His way of thinking clearly shows this: “To be a good driver, stability is totally necessary during the season. You can’t be thinking of other things, you can’t let anything distract you, on or off the track. If you are for just two-tenths of a second thinking of something else, the race and all the work put into it is lost.”

The media is placing more and more importance on GP2 and Soucek is very conscious of this. He knows where he stands and what he wants. He is a young Spanish talent.

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