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Making the most of the new rules. 09 Mar 2003

Ferrari F2002 through the fence.
Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, 8 March 2003

Though the implementation of new rules for the 2003 season have not been universally popular among the competing teams - McLaren and Williams are taking the FIA to arbitration - everyone has agreed to make the best out of the regulations for the Australian, Malaysian and Brazilian races.

"I don't think you can say we have been positive," Ferrari's Jean Todt admitted. "On behalf of Ferrari we were more in favour of no change and I think it's quite understandable: why should we ask for some changes considering the 2002 season? But saying that, we wanted to avoid any controversy and we feel that what has been finally agreed is the maximum we could accept even if with some points we don't feel very comfortable about."

"I think Jean alluded to the fact that I think we all feel that there is a necessity to look to these three races," Ron Dennis said. "I think the FIA has agreed to look at the whole thing, three races from now, and see if things have worked that we should adopt in a more structured way and things that maybe haven't worked that we should consider changing. And I think if there is that openness then perhaps the controversy that surrounds the lead up to this race can be best tempered."

The single-qualifying lap seems popular enough, but there have been calls for the regulations about qualifying with a race fuel load to be abandoned.