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Ralf Schumacher believes only Ferrari can beat itself 05 Mar 2003


Disappointed by the initial showing of the BMW Williams FW25, Ralf Schumacher thinks it unlikely that anyone will stop his older brother winning a record sixth title in 2003.

"Looking at last season, they can only beat themselves, with a less reliable engine or package. It might all be different after the first race, but that's all I can say now."

But though he believes his brother is great, he does not see him as being unbeatable.

"It's almost definite that Michael is an outstanding driver, but he could not win for four, five years when he joined Ferrari. Now the car is simply great. To win consistently you need the perfect combination, and last year there wasn't really any other team out there.

"There are four or five drivers in Formula One who are able to win a championship if they have the right package, but it has nothing to do only with just the driver. F1 is so complex, how should one individual be able to do the job which we need 600 people to do? It's impossible. So at the end of the day always to blame the driver, to say that we need a Michael Schumacher to win, it's an easy excuse in my opinion."