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Media Statement - FOM Ltd 14 Aug 2003

Canadian Grand Prix 2004

There have been a number of stories and quotes attributed to me in the past few days concerning the Canadian Grand Prix. These must be disregarded as I have not made any statements to the media except to confirm that the 2004 FIA Formula One World Championship calendar has not yet been decided.

I can confirm though that a letter was written to the Canadian race promoter following a meeting I had with him when I informed him the Canadian round of the FIA Formula One World Championship would not be included in the 2004 calendar.

The reason for this is that the Canadian government has brought into effect a total prohibition on tobacco-related sponsorship. There is a provision in our contract with the race promoter that should this become effective, we have the right not to include their event in the calendar for the relevant year.

Our problem is quite simple. The Formula One teams with tobacco-related sponsorship lose part of their revenue when a certain percentage of the events ban tobacco sponsorship. This was the reason the Belgium Grand Prix was not included in the 2003 calendar.

One thing is for sure: everyone is sorry to lose the Canadian race as we all love Montreal and the warm support the city has always given Formula One.

Bernie Ecclestone

London 14 August 2003

Formula One Management Limited