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Mosley fuels relegation idea 17 Feb 2006

Max Mosley (GBR) FIA President in the FIA press conference.
Formula One World Championship, Rd15, Italian Grand Prix, Practice Day, Monza, Italy, 2 September 2005

FIA president Max Mosley has been holding a series of press lunches this week providing those in attendance and fans of Formula One with plenty of food for thought. Speaking to the Italian media he waxed lyrical on such topics as the Manufacturers, cost saving, and 2008 regulation changes. Two suggestions in particular stood out though.

The first is that Formula One should adopt a system of promotion and relegation between itself and GP2, along the lines that are already used in football.

Quite simply, the lowest scoring team or teams at the end of each F1 season would swap places with the best GP2 teams, the idea being to "generate more interest in the sport."

Mosley admitted however that the costs involved in Formula One would have to be cut significantly to enable smaller teams to make the step up.

At the same time, Mosley has also revealed that the FIA are considering a revolutionary new format for 2011 and beyond. This would no longer mandate cubic capacity of the engines, instead a free-for-all formula would be introduced, with teams simply given a specific allowance of fuel for each grand prix race weekend and being left to their own devices to come up with a power unit that combined sufficient horsepower with the best fuel economy.

"All kinds of motors will be allowed," Mosley said, "but every car will get an equal amount of fuel. So it will be based on (fuel) consumption. Who wins will be the one who uses (the fuel) best. It is something that we will talk about at greater length on a later date."