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Kangaroo to bring race fans hand-held TV 24 May 2006

Kangaroo Media Inc and Formula One Management (FOM) announced on Wednesday that they have entered into a six-year licence agreement to provide fans at all Formula One events with access to live race video, audio and data on Kangaroo Media’s unique Kangaroo.TV™ hand-held device.

The Kangaroo.TV service represents a new direction in the way that fans in the stands view races. It combines the race telecast with live in-car camera and audio channels, creating the ultimate spectator experience. Fans can follow their favourite drivers around the track on the Kangaroo.TV screen, receive race telemetry and timing data, and listen to live driver and team communications, all from a device in the palm of their hands.

The Kangaroo.TV service for Formula One is expected to debut on a limited basis at this year’s United States Grand Prix on July 2 at Indianapolis. Kangaroo is working closely with the Formula One teams and Formula One Management to help activate the program and rapidly build awareness among fans. The Kangaroo.TV service will be the exclusive hand-held video and data service of its kind offered at Formula One events worldwide.

“This is as good as it gets to catch all of the action,” said FOM’s Bernie Ecclestone. “Kangaroo.TV is a perfect fit with F1 as both are about technology and performance. This will provide a truly enhanced at-race experience.”

“Being associated with this well-recognized global brand takes our product and our company to another level,” said Alain Charette, Executive VP of Corporate Development who negotiated the agreement on behalf of Kangaroo Media. “We look forward to building a close and lasting relationship with Mr. Ecclestone and FOM providing fans a new and enhanced way to live the F1 excitement at the circuit.”

"The agreement with FOM is a significant milestone for Kangaroo as we could not have asked for a better international and upscale brand to initiate our development outside of North America." said Marc Arseneau, CEO of Kangaroo Media and creator of the Kangaroo.TV concept. “I believe this is the beginning of a remarkable endeavour for the Formula One fans, the F1 partners and for our shareholders.”