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New chicane for Barcelona track 25 Jan 2007

The new chicane at Barcelona. Formula One Testing, Barcelona, Spain, Thursday 25 January 2007. World © Moy/Sutton

Revisions to the layout of the Circuit de Catalunya have been completed in time for this week’s Formula One testing at the track. The main change is a new chicane, aimed at further improving safety at the Spanish Grand Prix venue.

The chicane has been inserted between the penultimate Europcar turn - which has been tightened as a result - and the final New Holland corner. The changes will cut the speed of cars through the final section of the lap and down the start-finish straight.

The new chicane has wide, asphalt run-off areas, complete with the latest FIA-approved TecPro safety barriers, which are capable of absorbing the energy of a 200 km/h impact while keeping the g-forces experienced by the driver to a tolerable level.

Turn 7 (Wurth) has also had its run-off area extended, while other improvements to the track’s infrastructure and facilities are said to be progressing well. These are expected to be finished in time for the 2007 Spanish Grand Prix on May 13.