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Kangaroo TV at every race in 2007 06 Apr 2007

The Kangaroo TV hand-held multimedia device. © Wri

Following a successful trial in 2006, Kangaroo TV have announced that their state-of-the-art, hand-held media devices will be available to the public at every Grand Prix this season. The lightweight, easy-to-use handsets allow viewers to select from multiple live audio and video streams in order to tailor the race to their interests.

“The immediate live access of Kangaroo TV makes for a more customised and personally satisfying experience for devoted Formula One race fans,” explained Alain Charette, Kangaroo TV’s Executive Vice-President of Corporate Development. “It’s a ‘must have’ to capture everything and I am glad to see it fully commercially launched this season.”

Never before have teams, media or fans at the circuit had access to such immediate and intimate race details and succinct data. Fans no longer have to wonder what happened in sections of the track they can’t see from their seat. With the Kangaroo TV, viewers can catch all the action and keep up to speed.

“Formula One Management is thrilled to have significantly contributed to the introduction of the Kangaroo TV hand-held system at the circuit within F1,” said Bernie Ecclestone. “It’s outstanding, and yet another example of how F1 intends to remain at the forefront of technology, performance and experience in motorsport. With Kangaroo TV, fans will be able to get closer to the action than ever before at every F1 event.”

From any point on the circuit, in addition to the main international race broadcast, spectators have access to live in-car cameras to ride with their favourite drivers around the track. They can receive statistics, race telemetry and timing data, or listen to live driver and team communications which affect strategy and split-second decisions, all from a device that fits in the palm of their hand. Other features include replays of previous sessions, news and information about the current event, biographic files on teams and drivers, and much more.

Kangaroo TV will have a presence at every race on the 2007 Formula One schedule and handsets will be available to teams and sponsors in the paddock and to the general public from onsite vending stations or via several web outlets.

For further information visit www.Kangaroo.tv