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Sebastian Vettel Q&A: It was a turbulent race 28 Jul 2013

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing celebrates on the podium with the champagne.
Formula One World Championship, Rd10, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Hungaroring, Hungary. Sunday, 28 July 2013 Jenson Button (GBR) McLaren MP4-28 leads Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB9.
Formula One World Championship, Rd10, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Hungaroring, Hungary. Sunday, 28 July 2013 Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing celebrates third place with his trophy on the podium.
Formula One World Championship, Rd10, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Hungaroring, Hungary. Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sebastian Vettel extended his lead at the top of the drivers’ championship to 43 points after finishing third in the Hungarian Grand Prix, but it might have been even better had his race run a different course. After the race, the Red Bull driver spoke to reporters about an eventful afternoon in Budapest…

Q: Sebastian, your championship lead has been extended but you still haven’t won in Hungary. What’s your prevailing feeling: being happy to go into the break as championship leader or dissatisfied because you’ve missed the win here?
Sebastian Vettel:
Ha, it was pretty turbulent. Let’s begin with the start: that wasn’t as good as expected - so thank goodness we could keep P2. In the course of the race I was stuck at times in traffic and my front wing got damaged - and in that situation - and with Lewis’ pace, it was clear that a win was very unrealistic. I tried to come back and it got pretty tight with Kimi (Raikkonen) in the last phase of the race - but it didn’t go further than one attempt (to pass) as throwing away good points would have been the stupidest thing to do.

Q: How much longer would the race have had to be for you to pass Kimi?
Hard to say. In the last sector of the track he was pretty fast so it was hard to keep up with him. But I think our tyres were 15 laps ‘younger’ - so that definitely would have helped. So maybe ten laps more and his tyres would have been gone. Remember: he pitted less than we did - so yes, it would have been a matter of time. But that is all talk about spilt milk. The race is over - we’ve bagged good points and we go into the summer break in the lead of both championships - so let’s call it a good first half!

Q: How much did Jenson Button influence your race?
He was doing his thing, I was doing mine, and unfortunately at one point our paths crossed - and not to my advantage! Lewis passed, but I think we were on a harder transmission so passing wasn’t so easy. Then I tried it with a little force - and that didn’t really help for the rest of the race.

Q: To go back out on track behind Jenson Button after two of your pitstops - that looks a bit like a strategic miscalculation…
Well, yes and no. On the last lap before I pitted the first time my tyres were so bad that I lost quite a lot of time, so it took me one or one and a half seconds longer which resulted in me coming out behind Jenson. Actually we stayed out so long to avoid coming out behind Jenson - but the tyres didn’t play our game. And then circumstances take over.

Q: On your team radio there were constant conversations about issues with KERS, with vibrations, with the front wing - that sounded like a hell of a race. Was it?
We have these conversations at every race - it’s just that not so much is transmitted to the public! (laughs) It was not the easiest race - for sure - also because of the conditions.

Q: You have 62 points more on your tally after ten races than at the same point last year - is that a comfortable cushion?
There has never been a situation where we’ve felt really ‘uncomfortable’ with our performance. In fact we can be pretty satisfied with how it’s gone so far. The car runs good on any type of track and I’ve had only one DNF. Having more points than last year at this time can only be positive! (laughs)

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