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Ross Brawn Q&A: In Michael we trust 23 Dec 2009

Ross Brawn (GBR) Mercedes GP Petronas Team Principal and Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes Announce Michael Scumacher (GER) for the 2010 F1 Season, Brackley, England, 23 December 2009. © Mercedes (L to R): Race winner Michael Schumacher (GER) Ferrari celebrates with Ross Brawn (GBR) Ferrari Technical Director.
Formula One World Championship, Rd17, Japanese Grand Prix, Race, Suzuka, Japan, 10 October 2004

The dream team is reunited again - Michael Schumacher and Ross Brawn, a combination that bore so many titles at Benetton and Ferrari. Last season Brawn proved he can do it with another driver, but there is something special about seeing him and Schumacher set for even more wins with the newly-formed Mercedes team…

Q: Ross, did you hire Michael because you’ve got rid of Jenson or did you hire Michael because Jenson slipped through your fingers?
Ross Brawn:
It overlaps, to be honest. I have a loyalty to Jenson so I hoped to find a solution and when I saw that this would get difficult I started to talk to Michael, and things developed there. Michael and I kept very close over the years and I saw from his disappointment over the summer, when he couldn't drive a Ferrari, how much passion he still has for the sport. We were all very excited from the prospect of having Michael racing for us and when we started talking it was not a difficult discussion.

Q: There are still some tales around that Jenson was ushered towards the door because people wanted Michael in…
We’ve made a good effort to find a solution with Jenson and it didn’t work out. Jenson made his decision in the end not to stay. We made a big effort to keep him but it wasn't possible in the end. Now we are all pretty excited of the prospect of having Michael as part of the team. Jenson made the decision not to sign and we’ve made a big effort to keep him.

Q: How confident are you of Michael’s level to deliver?
I’ve asked Michael that question and he is the best judge in what he can do and I trust him completely. He told me that he can do it, so I am very confident. He has always been his own best critic. He always knew best of what he is capable of and so I put my trust in Michael and I am sure it won’t be misplaced.