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Q&A with Renault demo driver Adam Khan 29 May 2009

Adam Khan, Renault's demonstration driver for 2009, R29 Reveal at L'Atelier Renault, Paris, France, 27th January 2009. © Renault F1 Renault demo driver Adam Khan at the Renault Roadshow - Dubai(UAE) 09/04 to 12/04/2009 -  Photo: Frederic Le Floc H / DPPI Nelson Piquet, Romain Grosjean and Adam Khan at the Renault Roadshow - Dubai(UAE) 09/04 to 12/04/2009 -  Photo: Eric Vargiolu / DPPI

With in-season testing banned in 2009, opportunities to drive as a junior member of a Formula One team are pretty thin on the ground. So Renault’s demonstration driver, Adam Khan, jumped at the chance to get his hands on the R29 at a couple of straight-line aero tests at the Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire this week. Here the 24 year-old reviews how things went and reveals what life is like as a demo driver…

Q: Adam, you’ve spent a couple of days in the R29? How did it go?
Adam Khan:
Both the aero tests have been a great experience for me and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to drive the R29 and help with its development. Even though I was only doing straight-line aero runs, I was able to learn a lot about the car and hopefully gave the engineers some useful feedback.

Q: You also demonstrate last year’s car, the R28, at various events - how does it compare to the R29?
This year the cars have reduced aerodynamics and I definitely felt that during the aero test as I’m used to driving the R28. Inside the cockpit both cars feel almost exactly the same, although there are a few different buttons and functions on the steering wheel in this year’s car, but I quickly got used to them.

Q: How special was it to drive at Spa-Francorchamps earlier this month?
To drive an F1 car at probably the greatest circuit in the world was an immense privilege. Spa has always been one of my favourite tracks as it’s so fast and flowing and has a lot of history. The approach to Eau Rouge was probably the most exciting part of the lap, but overall it’s the perfect venue to appreciate the power, grip and performance of an F1 car.

Q: When will you be back in the car again?
My next demonstration will be at the Renault World Series event at Silverstone on the 4th and 5th of July. That’s something I’m really excited about as it’s my local event and Silverstone is another awesome track with some high-speed corners. There should be lots of fans there too and I’m looking forward to showing them how special an F1 car is.

Q: You will be attending various races with the team this year. Which are you most looking forward to?
Probably the season finale in Abu Dhabi. It’s a completely new venue for Formula One with an exciting new circuit built especially for this event. My family has its roots in the region and so it will be exciting to witness such a spectacular race in this part of the world.