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Daniil Kvyat Q&A: Shortened Toro Rosso session a frustration 15 Nov 2013

Daniil Kvyat (RUS) Scuderia Toro Rosso walks the track.
Formula One World Championship, Rd18, United States Grand Prix, Preparations, Austin, Texas, USA, Thursday, 14 November 2013 Daniil Kvyat (RUS) Scuderia Toro Rosso walks the track with Steve Nielsen (GBR) Toro Rosso Sporting Director.
Formula One World Championship, Rd18, United States Grand Prix, Preparations, Austin, Texas, USA, Thursday, 14 November 2013 Daniil Kvyat (RUS) Scuderia Toro Rosso.
Formula One World Championship, Rd18, United States Grand Prix, Practice, Austin, Texas, USA, Friday, 15 November 2013

Just days after earning his Super Licence credentials, 2014 Toro Rosso racer Daniil Kvyat made his first official practice appearance for the team in the United States on Friday. With his session drastically curtailed thanks to fog and a faulty medical helicopter, the 19-year-old Russian got only limited running. Nevertheless, his pace was impressive to say the least…

Q: Daniil, your first outing in a Toro Rosso on a race weekend: how was it?
Daniil Kvyat:
Too short! I would have wanted to stay in the car forever but unfortunately the conditions cut short my first taste of an F1 weekend and at one point I even feared that FP1 would be cancelled altogether. Thank God it wasn’t and the 20 laps were really amazing - on this amazing track. It was like being able to fly. (laughs)

Q: How well prepared did you come here? How much simulator work have you done?
To be honest, zero. But I did do the simulator earlier in the year. For now I was very keen to get real hands-on experience - a taste of the real thing. I hope that Brazil will not be cut short and that I have a full one and a half hours in the car, as it is almost painful to get out and hand it over to somebody else.

Q: Given the fact that there will be no further tests until the end of January, is simulator work an adequate tool to get used to all the new tracks that you will be confronted with next season?
Yes, it is good for a driver to get to know a track - and no, it doesn’t help you develop a car’s set-up procedure.

Q: How satisfied were you with your performance? You weren’t far off (team mate) Daniel’s (Ricciardo) time…
Yes, I was pretty satisfied. I don’t know how hard Daniel was pushing, but for me it was pretty relevant seeing the timesheets. So yes, I am very pleased with my day today.

Q: You say that you don’t know how hard Daniel was pushing. How hard were you pushing?
Well, I didn’t go crazy as I am not so familiar with the car and the worst thing that could have happened would have been a shunt in any way or form. So you have to keep your brain on board and not get carried away by the first chance that you get. (laughs)

Q: How much of the programme you wanted to run through did you really manage?
Of course due to the limited time we missed one complete run, which would have meant something around eight laps more - but that was just today. So many more laps will follow in the future so I am not too disappointed about today’s short cut. Mentally I am already preparing for my Sao Paolo outing - hopefully a complete session then.

Q: Other than your outing today, you’ve done the young drivers’ days and the test for your Super License. Have you detected any weaknesses that you have to eliminate in the next couple of weeks?
Nothing to eliminate, but to improve in all areas. If you want to get to the top and stay there you have to improve all the time - even a Sebastian Vettel has to. It’s the standing still that will ruin you.

Q: You are very young, so the question must be asked if you feel ready to break into Formula One racing?
I do feel ready. This year so many things happened in my life - and that makes you mature. Only weeks ago it was the first time that I had ever driven a Formula One car - and now I am in Formula One - and such developments don’t happen without leaving marks. I know that I have to work hard and have to be willing to learn every single second of the day. But on the other hand, if the talent is not there nothing helps. Red Bull believes in me and that is incentive for me not to disappoint their trust.

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