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McLaren MP4-23 - bridge-wing support; flap revisions 08 June 2008

Prior to the Canadian race, the FIA reinforced the rules related to flexible wings, in particular the front bridge wings, which are now a feature on most cars. The teams were told to provide additional support to the central section of the wing, by connecting it to the nosecone, and to reinforce the parts of the profile that could flex under aerodynamic load. In Montreal a flexible wing would provide a clear advantage, as it would mean less drag on the straights but higher downforce in the twisty sections. Instead of adopting a central pillar connecting the central section of the bridge wing to the nosecone, McLaren have utilised a tiny arched profile connecting the nosecone to the upper face of the bridge wing (see yellow arrow and inset). This solution appears to be less disruptive in terms of aerodynamics while still preventing the wing from flexing. Another change to McLaren's front wing, to adapt it specifically to Montreal, was deep, rounded cuts at the outer extremities of the rearmost flap (red arrow). These help reduce drag on the very long straight before the final corner.