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McLaren MP4-25 - rear aero solutions 19 February 2010

The rear of the new MP4-25 features various aerodynamic solutions that have been devised through wind-tunnel testing and on-track work. At first glance it's the car's long wheelbase, with its long and narrow gearbox, that catches the eye, but it's actually the airflow management at the back which is more unusual. Like the Red Bull, the exhaust exits have been moved towards the rear of the car (large red arrow), whilst air from the gearbox radiator, which has been cooled with the help of air carefully channelled through the airbox (blue arrow), is also utilised for aerodynamic benefit. Directed towards the top of the rear wing's lower section and the diffuser (small red arrows), it intentionally interferes with airflow over these parts at certain speeds, causing them to stall. Another change to the design of the MP4-25 is the unique central pillar (yellow area) on which the rear wing is mounted.