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Ferrari F2012/150° Italia - front view comparison 17 February 2012

In order to optimise airflow under the car, Ferrari are now exploiting the maximum permitted chassis height of 625mm (10), hence the F2012's nose (1) is actually higher than that of its predecessor, the 150° Italia, even with the much-talked-about step. The wing pillars (2) are very wide and similar to those on the 2011 car, but the camera's positioning (3) has been changed slightly to improve the airflow under the car. It's also worth noting the near-horizontal angle of the front suspension's pull-rod link (4) compared to 2011's push-rod link angle (see black arrows), a change that should bring aero benefits as well as a lower centre of gravity. The F2012's sidepods have a large undercut (5) and are higher on their outside edge (9). The openings to cool the radiators (6) are smaller, taller and more triangular relative to the 150° Italia's, whilst the sidepods' deformable crash structures (7) are linked to large vertical turning vanes designed to optimise airflow around the sidepod. A new smaller fin (8) has also appeared. Another interesting feature is the revised airbox (11), which boasts a second smaller inlet like the McLaren, designed to cool the oil radiator on top of the gearbox.